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There is various antivirus software in the market that can be installed in your computer to protect your PC from any damage that may be caused by viruses, malware, spyware, from hackers or accidental click on an unsecured link. While one can choose from the many of this anti-virus software available, it’s always recommended to choose the one that’s most popular and trusted by the consumers. AVG is one of those anti-virus software that most of the customers have used and reviewed with a positive feedback.

What is Error Code 0xC0070643 on AVG

Any software come with its downfall and so does the AVG. The problem occurs while solving the Error Code 0xC0070643. This error pops up when we try installing or uninstalling the AVG software. It’s also known as the Setup Error which also occurs while uninstalling it from the Program in the Control Panel.

Nowadays, Antivirus software is becoming more and more complex with manufacturers adding more and more features in it. But they’re easier when you once start using it.AVG has got its own removal tool in order to fully remove it from the PC or uninstalling it from PC. It doesn’t need separate software for removing it. So if the Error pops up a user can himself/ herself try to resolve it or else can AVG Customer Support Phone Number.

What is a removal tool of AVG anti-virus software?

This feature completely removes all traces of the software and leaving no traces of the software behind. This helps in freeing up space in your PC and is available with most of the antivirus software’s today. You will need AVGs Removal tool To remove this Error Code 0xC0070643.

Steps to Fix AVG Error Code 0xC0070643

Follow these steps to remove the Error code 0xC0070643 while installing and uninstalling the AVG antivirus-:

1. Download the AVG Removal Tool from their official website.

2. After downloading the removal tool, simply run the setup and follow the instructions shown.

3. After the tool gets downloaded, reboot your PC.

4. After the reboot tries to install or uninstall AVG Antivirus and check if the Error Code 0xC0070643 still pops up. After following these the problem should not persist

If you are still Getting the Error Code 0xC0070643?

If the problem still persists then you have to delete the traces of AVG Antivirus left on your PC manually. This may seem a pretty daunting task but easier than it seems. But you need to delete the traces of the Antivirus through the Registry entries carefully because if you make a slightest of a mistake it can damage your PC. Follow the below steps to manually delete AVG Antivirus traces from your PC-:

1. Press and hold Windows Key + R and open Run Command

2. Type “Regedit” and press enter

3. Choose Yes option from the window that will pop up asking for permission to make changes.

4. Registry Editor will open up.

5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/AVG and delete the Key Folder.

6. Restart your PC and try installing or uninstalling AVG Antivirus now.

If the problem still persists, then you can contact AVG Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number and have them fix error code 0xC0070643 for you.

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